Where to Get Vermont Casting Parts

The past couple of days have been a little cold around here, we even needed to turn on the heat once or twice to make our house a comfortable temperature.  One of the sources of our heat is a natural gas fireplace.  When my wife gets up in the morning, she likes to sit in her pajamas and eat her breakfast by the nice warm fireplace.  If I have been working outside on a cold day, there is nothing more I like than to come home and sit by the fireplace to warm up my freezing arms, hands, feet, and legs.

With the use of the fireplace these past few days, I was reminded that the cold season will soon be approaching and that service calls to fix fireplaces and heating systems would soon be flowing in.  As these calls come in, I know that I will be prepared and ready to replace/fix different types of heating systems.


Many times, all I need to do is find one small part to fix what they think is a big problem.  Other times customers are just wanting to replace a broken part (such as a handle) or to add character to their room by installing a surround on the outside of their existing fireplace.  No matter what the job, I know I can find the parts I need at: https://www.plumbersstock.com/category/3267/.  It is especially helpful when I am looking for Vermont Castings Parts and Accessories.

Many of the fireplaces that I have worked on in the past were Vermont brand fireplaces.  They are dependable, give a good look to the homes that they are installed in, and produce a good amount of heat.  Although they are very dependable, the individual parts can’t last forever and sometimes accidents happen.

I remember a job that I did last year for a middle aged couple.  They told me that it had been a few years since they were “empty nesters” and that they wanted to fix all the dings and things that their kids had made to their fireplace.  They were both busy working so they called me in to fix the handles and replace the surround on their fireplace.  I was able to locate the model number and brand which helped me to find the information I needed to make the needed repairs.

As soon as I could, I got on the internet and entered the site I mentioned earlier.  I found the needed parts and went to a couple of supply houses in town.  I was able to find replacement handles but not the surround that I needed.  So I got back on the internet and found the surround that I needed quickly and easily.  The part came within the week and I was able to get everything installed in no time.  My customers were very happy with the quality and price of the parts and mentioned that their fireplace looks like the day they installed it!  It’s nice to know that I have a place I can depend on to get the job done.


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