Toto Toilet Valve Repair

            Toilets are a great convenience that we have these days, along with other indoor plumbing products.  Sometimes we take our toilets for granted until there comes a day that something is wrong with them.  One of the most common problems in a toilet has something to do with the flapper or the valve that houses the flapper.  One of the problems occurs when the toilet is flushed and water continues to pour into the inside bowl of the toilet minutes to hours after it was flushed.  Many times this can be fixed by replacing the flapper, but other times the valve may be cracked causing the water to continually flow into the bowl.

            I deal with a lot of different brands of toilets, but some of the best are Toto toilets.  Even though they are high quality, nothing lasts forever and some problems can occur.  I will focus on the replacement of a Toto valve, but many of the steps in this post can be applied to fixing many different brands of toilets.

            If you have determined that your valve needs to be replaced, it is important, if possible, to find out what the model of your toilet is.  This can be done by looking online and comparing pictures with the toilet you have.  Other times, the model of the toilet may be found somewhere on the toilet.  If going to a local supply house, it is very helpful to take out the valve so it can be compared to the valves that are in stock or even to get information to order a new valve.


            To remove the valve, you first need to empty the water that is in the tank of the toilet.  To do this, find the supply valve.  It usually comes out of the ground or the wall in the bathroom, close to the toilet.  Once you have located the valve, turn it off.  Depending on what type of valve you have, you may only have to turn it from a horizontal position to a vertical position or vice versa (this is called a quarter-turn valve).  Other valves will need to be turned in one or more full circle(s) before it will be turned off completely.


            Once the supply valve is turned off, open the lid of the toilet tank and hold down the flushing handle until all of the water is expelled from the tank.  Once the water is gone and the tank is empty, you can remove the valve by finding the nut (usually a plastic one) that is securing it to the tank.  Many times this nut is a reverse thread so it will need to be unscrewed the opposite way from a regular screw.  Once the nut is off, you should be able to remove the valve.  When putting in a new valve, it is important to make sure all the gaskets are in the right place to create a seal so the toilet doesn’t leak.  Put the valve in and tighten the nut to secure it in place.

            When dealing with a Toto toilet, it is important to use genuine Toto toilet replacement parts.  They will create the best seal and many other valves probably won’t fit the tank.  This is an easy fix that can save the trouble of calling in a plumber!

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