The Right Tools

When it comes to any type of home improvement project, most jobs—if not all—require some sort of tool to get the job done right.  For example, sometimes you can get a Phillips type screw to go into place using a flathead screwdriver, but many times it just won’t work unless you have an actual Phillips screwdriver.

Whether I am installing plumbing or HVAC products, or working on a project of my own, I reach for my Milwaukee brand tools.  Throughout the years and in the various jobs I have worked on, many different brands of tools have been at my disposal, it seems that I have tried them all!  From my experience, I have found Milwaukee to be the most durable and reliable tools on the market.


As I have continued to work, I have purchased many tools to make my job and “honey-dos” at home a little easier.  With the help of my circular saw, hand-held sander, and compact drill, I have been able to make furniture for our home (such as a custom bookcase and sewing machine table).  The battery life of these power tools is great as well and there are many accessories (such as my multi-bay charger) that help me to have the power I need to get my jobs done.

Milwaukee also makes non-powered hand tools for the little jobs that I need to do.  From tape measures to utility knives to screwdrivers, all I need is available!  The tools cost more than your regular run-of-the-mill hand tools, but they more durable and dependable.  They are the right tools for any job!

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