Rain Bird Sprinkler Valve Repair

            When it comes to your sprinkler system, there are times when some of your equipment may not function properly.  It could be due to a number of things, so the first step is to find out what is wrong so that you can fix it.  One of the common problems is that one of the zones on your sprinkler system may not shut off completely, even when the timer says that the zone isn’t running.  If this is the case, you may want to open up your valve box and see if there is a problem in there.  You may find that the valve for that specific valve is leaking and there is a puddle of water collecting in the bottom.  This most likely means that your valve needs to be repaired.

            Sometimes the problem will be obvious.  If you didn’t winterize your system properly, water may have stayed in the valve and froze.  When the water freezes, it can make the valve expand and crack.  Check the valve for any obvious cracks or look for water leaking out of the valve itself.

            Before taking the valve out, you may want to see if you can turn off the valve manually, if there is a switch or lever on it to do so.  The next thing you can try doing is to turn down the flow of the particular zone, if the valve is equipped with a flow control option.  Once you have tried both of these things and the problem still isn’t fixed, then you will need to turn off the water to the system so you can try other options.


            Once the water is off, you can try taking the top off of the valve.  There are some screws that hold it together, usually they require a Phillip’s screwdriver to take off.  Once the top is off, check to see if there are any rocks blocking any of the parts inside of the valve.  Many times, this could be all that is wrong with the valve and removing the rocks can fix the problem.  Other times, you may have to replace the diaphragm in the valve.  This is the round rubber part of the valve that looks like a small dome.  After years of use, it can wear out and by replacing it, you can fix the valve.


            Another common problem with valves can be that the solenoid portion has stopped working, which means it no longer is communicating with the sprinkler timer.  Most solenoids can be unscrewed.  This is a good thing because once you have taken it off, you can take the part with you to a local supply house.  Since there are many different brands of valves, the workers at the supply house should be able to find the exact solenoid that was made for your valve.  This will save you some stress because you won’t have to take out the entire valve.

            If none of these fixes work, you will have to replace the valve in its entirety.  When I have a job that requires a valve fix, I trust in Rain Bird valves.  They are durable in construction and easy to repair when they need to be.

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