How to Install Drywall

Whether you are building a new home or you are finishing your basement, chances are that you will have to install drywall.  Here are some steps on how to install it.

When installing drywall, try to have the temperature of the room or rooms that you are working in around 55 degrees F at least two days before you hang it.  When you cut the dry wall it will release dust that can cause irritation in your eyes and throat.  To avoid this, wear safety glasses on your eyes and a mask on over your mouth.

You can hang the first piece of drywall starting in a corner and at the top of the wall.  Mark the places on the drywall that correspond to the studs behind it.  It is also easier to hang dry wall when you have another person helping you, they can hold it up while you screw it into the wall.


Starting at the top, put in your screws and then continue down to the middle, then the bottom.  Once this panel is secured  put up the next one until you reach the corner or end of the wall.  Measure the open space at the bottom of the wall so you can cut the next piece to fit in the right place.  Once all your wall is up, use joint tape to cover the cracks that are in between the different panels.  Once everything is covered you can get ready to paint with your choice of colors, etc.

More help and other hints:

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