Hot Water Boilers

            Throughout the years, there have been many advancements in the way that we, as humans, can heat our homes.  Fireplaces have been around for many years and have been reinvented and now come in a variety of types since the first time they were used in the home.  Through developments in sheet metal and other metal working, ductwork has made it possible for central heating to be developed, heating homes in their entirety.  Becoming even more common is the use of boilers to heat our homes in the US.

            Boilers are different from other types of heating systems in the fact that they utilize water in order to provide heat.  As water passes through the boiler, it is either heated or produces steam, which in turn can be dispersed throughout the home, heating it as it goes.  One way in which this happens is by installing pipes underneath the floor in which the rooms will be finished in tile or hardwood.  As the water runs through the pipes, the entire floor is heated instead of heat coming from only one source (such as a fireplace or a heat vent) that only heats a small area.  The pipes can also be installed into the walls, which will create even more heat.

            Boilers have been used for years in the commercial business in larger structures such as office buildings and high rise apartments.  The systems for these applications are much larger and require a lot more maintenance than residential units (not large apartment buildings).  The older systems have huge accordion like heaters that send the heat out to be dispersed into the room where it is located.  Better systems have been developed since then and they continually are getting better.

            There are a few downsides to boiler systems that are in floor or in wall.  It takes a while longer for them to heat up the home as compared to a central heating system.  When forced air is being used, it is almost immediate, whereas boiler heat takes a little longer to produce the heat.  Also, if the pipes that have water flowing through them are not drained correctly, they can freeze which, in many cases, will cause them to burst-damaging the system and causing leaks that can damage the home.  This is easily remedied though, by taking all the measures to ensure that the system in maintained properly and that it is installed by a professional.  Cutting corners in a system such as this can end up being more costly in the long run than it will save you short term, always seek the help of a professional.

As I have worked with new construction and installed these systems, I have found that Dunkirk Boilers are the best hot water boilers on the market.  They are built with durable materials so that they last for years with low maintenance as long as the system is taken care of properly.  I can find replacement parts easily, when needed, and I know that I am getting the quality that I and my customers expect.

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