Dutch Oven Cooking, Close to Home

            My family loves to go camping and a big part of our planning goes toward the meals that we will eat.  As a sort of tradition, we like to cook our dinner in Dutch Ovens (the cast iron, outdoor kind).  Almost every time we have Dutch Oven Potatoes as a side dish and some sort of cobbler for dessert.  That wasn’t the only time that we liked to make Dutch Oven food though.  For some holidays, especially the 4th of July, we liked to cook our food using the different sizes of Dutch Ovens we had.  The biggest problem that we had for a while was finding a place to cook the food.  I had some old steel garbage can lids that I would use, but after a while they were getting old and they would scrape up the cement.

            The area we used to cook food in the Dutch Ovens started to crack and the cement pad needed to be redone.  It wasn’t just from the metal lids, but because of years of use and other things that are hard on cement.  We decided as a part of the new cement pad, we would leave some round spaces open as reservoirs for the Dutch Ovens.  We measured the ones that we owned and made the holes a couple inches bigger so that they could hold the ovens.  It was one of the best decisions that we made!  Now we can enjoy Dutch Oven food in the comfort of our own backyard.

Dutch oven food

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