Different Sinks for Different Purposes

            After working around the plumbing industry for a while, I start to notice things that people who haven’t worked in the industry wouldn’t notice.  For example, when I first started working and I still had a young family, when we were looking for apartments I would always check out the faucets and other plumbing fixtures that were installed in each of them.  When I went to different places by siblings lived, my friend’s houses, and my visited my in-laws, I found myself looking at all the different types of plumbing they had.  One thing that I noticed a lot was the kitchen sinks (since my wife always encouraged me to help do some dishes when we ate at someone’s house).

            At my parent’s house, they had a double bowl stainless steel sink that was a drop in kitchen sink (the type of sink that goes on top of the counter).  My in-laws had a ceramic sink that was an off white color and had two bowls, but it also was an undermount sink (the type that is mounted underneath the counter).  Then in one of my sibling’s home they had a single bowl stainless steel sink.  One of the most interesting sink designs that I saw was in my grandmother’s house.  It had three separate bowls, the two outside bowls were the same size and depth, but the middle bowl was significantly smaller-both the depth and the size of it.  I could go on for hours describing the different types of sinks that I have seen throughout my life.


            I mention all of these different types of sinks to make a point.  That point is that if you are looking for a basic sink or you are looking for some sort of specialty or unique sink, chances are you can find what you want.  There are many different types of sinks on the market made from different materials, that come in different designs, and that range from 1 bowl up to 3 bowl options.  When I’m doing a job that requires buying a kitchen sink, whether it is for a residential or commercial application, I visit this site.  The selection is huge and I can always find the sink I need for the right price.

            The thing I like most about kitchen sinks is the fact that many of them come in the same sizes.  This means if one of my customers has a sink that has become damaged in any way, I can find a sink that will fit in the existing hole that was cut out originally.  If there is a size difference, such as the hole being too small, most sinks come with a pattern that can be traced and serves as a template for the new sink.  Recently kitchen sink design has taken off and many optional accessories are available.  Some come with cutting boards that fit right over a smaller sink bowl that is off to the side of the main bowl.  Others have custom racks that are designed to fit perfectly inside the sink bowl.  No matter what your preference is, the possibilities are endless!

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