Control Boards to Keep Your Systems Running

            Throughout the years, more things that we use on a daily basis have become automatic.  We are becoming more used to this automation as it comes.  For example, if I use a bathroom that doesn’t have automatic flushing toilets and I walk away after using the toilet and I don’t hear it flush, I usually turn around and go flush it manually.  This doesn’t happen too often though, because the majority of public restrooms are automated-automatic flushing toilets, automatic faucets, automatic soap dispensers, and even automatic paper towel dispensers!  As more things become automated, there needs to be some way that problems can be detected when these products aren’t working properly.

            Although most homes don’t have automatic fixtures in the bathroom, there are many other automated systems that are related to residential properties.  Central air systems use automated processes to know when to turn the heat on when the temperature drops below what is set on the thermostat or when to start cooling down the house when the temperature is higher than what the AC temperature is set for.  If your home owns a sprinkler system, there are many automated processes to turn on and off the different zones that need to run and to turn them on/off on certain days and times of the week.  Another process that relies on automation is the use of the water heater in your home.  To be able to have hot water to wash dishes, take showers, etc., the gas valve needs to know when to turn on and off so that cold water can be heated to be used as hot water.  In order for any of these processes to work correctly, there is a control board involved that acts like a supervisor for the piece of equipment.

            Just as a supervisor at a job site, a control board checks all the different processes that need to happen and ensures that the different components are doing their assigned tasks.  When on a jobsite or at the workplace, if a person isn’t completing the tasks that they are responsible for doing, the supervisor has to report the problem.  The same can happen for these control boards.  If there is a problem with the equipment and it isn’t doing the job it needs to be doing, the control board can run a diagnostic on itself to detect the problem and report to the user what the problem is.  Like it is said, knowing is half the battle, and once you can figure out what is wrong with your equipment, you will be able to get the right parts to fix it so it will function correctly.  If this function isn’t working at all, chances are that you need a need control system.

            When I need to get a new control board-whether it be for a sprinkler system, gas valve, or cooling/heating system, I go to  They have a wide variety of brands and types of control boards so I know that I can find what I am looking for!


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