Application & Explanation of Funny Pipe


            If you have ever thought about installing your own sprinkler system, you may have not realized how complicated the process can actually be.  Although there are many different things that I could talk about in this post, I have chosen to talk about the flex pipe, which is referred to as “funny pipe”.  When dealing with sprinkler systems there are different types of pipes that can be used to water your lawn and other plants your have in your yard.  When using a drip system, there is a roll of pipe that looks similar to funny pipe, but is completely different.  This is the first tip of this post.

            If you get drip tube and try to use it in the same way that you would use funny pipe, you will quickly become frustrated and have many problems with your sprinkler system.  Make sure you are getting the right tubing (this will make more sense later in the post).  An easy way to tell the difference between funny pipe and drip tube is called the squeeze test.  Find the end of the roll of the tubing that you are handling and squeeze that end between your thumb and index finger.  If the piping comes together with little resistance, it means that it is drip tubing.  If the pipe is resistant and more rigid feeling when you try to squeeze it, that means that you have found funny pipe.  Why is this so important?  Let’s see why.

FunnyPoly adapters

            Funny pipe is used to connect sprinkler heads to the piping found in your sprinkler system.  This means that the tubing will be exposed to higher water pressure than drip tubing would be exposed to, this is the reason that the tubing is more rigid.  The fittings that are used with funny pipe are usually barbed, and the tubing will slip onto the barbed part of the fitting which will hold it into place.  Another fitting will be connected to the sprinkler head, giving it a little flexibility to work with when positing the head where it needs to go.  If you were to use drip tubing instead, as soon as you turned the water to your system on, the tubing would get blown right off of the connections and you will have a muddy mess!

            If you decided to install a drip system, it is important not to use funny pipe for that system.  Even though the funny pipe may fit into some of the fittings designed for drip systems, it wasn’t designed for these applications and will cause leaks and other problems.  Funny pipe was designed to make the placement of sprinkler heads easier when they are being installed in the ground.  The alternative would be rigid PVC pipe coming out of the ground that isn’t flexible at all (it cracks when you try to bend it to where you need it).  In some climates, PVC pipe will also freeze during the winter when there is water left in them which cracks it and leaves a spring repair for you to do.  Whether you are looking funny pipe or other types of tubing, visit: for good prices and selection!

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