American Standard Sink Review

While working in the plumbing industry I have come into contact with many different brands and manufacturer’s products, both when doing jobs and in the different apartments and homes that I have lived in.  I have found that I like certain brands for certain applications.  When working in a bathroom, I prefer a specific brand for the separate areas found in it.  For example, I will get a certain brand of toilet that may or may not be the same brand as the lavatory sink.  I do try to stick with the same brand when it comes to installing faucets and tub & shower fixtures, for the most part.

Many times, in half-bathrooms or what some people like to call “mud rooms”, there won’t be a complete vanity with drawers and other storage space.  Instead, a popular choice is to have a pedestal sink, which is a stand-alone sink with a porcelain base.  When I am working on these bathrooms I use the American Standard pedestal sink, for a number of different reasons.  One of these reasons being the variety of shapes of pedestals that they manufacture.  They range from oval, round, or square shape.  Some of them have look like fancy columns that you would find in architecture, which can give a bathroom a fancy appearance and add to its value.


Another reason I like their pedestals is because they are quality construction.  I have purchased more inexpensive pedestals before and they have given me problems.  Many of them seem to be more fragile than the American Standard brand and they also seem to chip more easily when an object knocks into them.  Even the pedestals that are smaller in diameter seem to be more sturdy than some of the bigger pedestals in the cheaper brands.

In addition the company manufactures a pedestal sink that has a towel bar that attaches underneath the basin of the sink.  I installed one in my home and it is a nice feature to have for little children.  It places the towel at their level so when they are done washing their hands (or getting their hands washed) they can easily reach the towel to dry their hands.  This also eliminates the frustration that comes from a towel ring getting loosened or pulled down when it isn’t at the level of that the child can reach easily.  I have had some of my regular customers who have purchased these types of sinks and when I have gone to do other jobs they told me how much they liked this feature.  They also are easy to remove once the children have grown up and they are no longer needed.


When I am looking for a pedestal to install for a job, I know I can count on to find what I am looking for.  They have a great selection of stand-alone pedestal bases, sinks, and the combinations of the base and sink.  The prices are reasonable, the product is shipped to me within days, and extra precautions are taken to ensure that I receive it in one piece.

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