Air Purifiers: Room vs. Whole House

           The population is growing every day, which, in turn means that cities are growing larger.  As cities grow larger more businesses and other industries rise up.  As this happens, there are more vehicles on the roads and highways which can cause a lot of pollution.  At times, when you walk outside your home or you are walking around downtown, exhaust and other not so pleasant smells immediately flood your nostrils.  You may start to cough or gag and wish there was something you could do to change it all!  Even though you have to put up with pollutants while outside, it doesn’t have to be that way inside your home.

            Everyone knows that we can’t live without air and so we must breathe it to survive.  As we breathe in air that is not clean, respiratory and other complications in the body can occur.  It is true that we cannot always control the air we breathe, but in some cases, we can.  That is why the air purifier was invented.

            Purifiers can be used in the home in a number of ways.  There are two types of purifiers: the room purifier and the whole house purifier.  As can be seen in each of their names, the room purifier is used for just one room and the whole house purifier is used for an entire home.  It is nice to have the name of a product actually match what it does (some things in the plumbing industry are a little confusing)!

            After a room unit is installed, it brings in air from the room in which it is placed, filters out the pollutants and other junk in the air, and then disperses the clean air back into the room.  As can be imagined, not very much air can be circulated in one cycle, so it would take a little while for the room to have good, clean air.

            The other type of purifier is one that purifies the air in the entire home.  The whole house unit is installed utilizing the duct system that is used for the heating and cooling the house.  Specifically the unit is installed in the return air duct of the central air system.  As the air passes through this return system, it will pass through the purifier unit where it is cleaned.  Once the air is filtered and purified, it travels through the rest of the duct system, providing the entire home with clean air for everyone to breathe.  As would be expected, the whole house system is a lot more expensive, but the initial cost is a lot less than having to pay doctor’s bills for respiratory and other medical issues.

            There are many different companies making air purifiers, many of which that are just trying to make a profit off of a low quality product.  When I am looking for a purifier, I go where I know I can find a quality product at a reasonable price.  Other products may cost less initially, but in the long run they end up costing you more than you bargained for. 

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